Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adventure Bound

Thanks to some caring students, we were gifted a readiness kit for our upcoming adventure! On Saturday we leave for Ghana, a country in western Africa, where we'll spend 7 intriguing and exciting weeks. As you can see, Roamin' is ready to go.

So much time and research has gone into our preparation, which began last spring. We will accompany 9 student teachers from Central Michigan University and their student teaching experience will continue in Ghanaian schools. My job is to supervise their teaching, as well as work with the teachers in the schools. Yes, Daryl is going as well, and he'll document our adventures and enjoy some exploration.

Besides teaching each day, we will take field trips around the country and learn about the country, its people and cultures. What an exciting journey. The journal is ready. The camera gear is spread out, some having been cleaned, some added to, and all are itching to record this trip of a lifetime.

If we're ready for it! The time becomes shorter, the lists become longer and the excitement and nervousness grows. We leave Saturday, arriving in Accra, Ghana on Sunday.

Look for photos and tales of adventure to come. First installment will be next week. Keep reading, as there will be rewards for those who come!


Char said...

have a fantastic time

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh I wanted to wish you a good trip, but you must be almost flying over my head by now.
(okay not nearly but close by anyhow).

I wish you both a safe trip with lots of fun. I'll keep track of you guys.
Hugs Dagmar

Relyn said...

Oh, I am so excited for you and this opportunity!

Christine said...

OMG, I'm dying for an update already!! I can't believe you're over there!!

Annettequilter said...

Wonderful fall pictures. What an adventure you are about to have. I am so looking forward to hearing about your trip and hoping for a very positive impact by your students.