Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Travel Back in Time

The Old 27 Motor Tour

"Back in the Day"

Every year they come through, those old car enthusiasts and their spiffed up rods. Making pit stops along the way, they drive a route that used to be traveled all the time, but now has taken second place to the highway. The highway - that sign of "progress."

For a while in August, however, the Michigan "old 27" route is buzzing with the sound of mufflers, rough motors, and smooth ones. The sound of laughter evident, and the signs of a simpler time, as they say, are spit and shined for display. I remember my own pink poodle, Fifi, who went with me everywhere.

Now here's a great way to travel. Ready to hit the road!

So shiny you can catch the reflections of a glorious summer day.

Automobiles "smile" as hundreds of people come out to photograph them.

And luggage is packed for the journey...luggage which is as nostalgic as the vehicles.

For a little while everyone relaxes and reminisces and remembers the days which have come before - the slice of history each of us holds in our hearts.
What are your own memories? How do you keep them alive?

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Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhhh these are toooo good to be through....
Love the red car were the clouds reflect into the polished paint.