Friday, September 24, 2010

Field Trip - Chihuly Style

Have you ever heard of Dale Chihuly...a master glass artist? I had seen one of his indoor exhibits in Chicago a few years ago and was intrigued by his use of color and design and medium set in natural settings. Each piece of glass, or exhibit, tells a story meant to blend art and nature.

Then just a week ago I accompanied my favorite 5th grade class, my classroom of budding photographers, on a field trip to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, in Grand Rapids, MI, where a huge Chihuly exhibit was nestled not just indoors, but outdoors in waterfalls and ponds, over hillside and gardens. And I was blown away. His "fine art glass blowing" is exquisite.

My photographers did an awesome job of "looking at different angles," developing artistic "compositions" and determining "point of view" - all vocabulary terms they'd learned during my in-school instructional time with them. This age group just soaks up the arts, and I am once again moved to find a way to increase that appreciation for arts in the schools in any way I can.

This coming week I go in again, for the picture sharing as well as to hear the words they've created to further enhance their photographs. The classroom teacher has been working on poetry and descriptive writing, and the students are anxious to share their talents. Look for some examples next week!

If you have the chance to see a Chihuly exhibit, do. My personal favorites are the outdoor pieces, but I found some of the lily pads arranged in indoor gardens very beautiful as well.



Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohh what fun you must have during this adventure exploring all the beautiful things.
I'll bett the class learned more then they could thought off.

Great shots.
I like your new layout Sandy but still miss the old one of your camera I was so in love with that one.
CU around beautiful lady.
Hugs Dagmar
ps thanks for the wonderful reviews on my wedding photoshoot.

Relyn said...

YES! I love Chihuly. How lucky you got to see this in person. And to photograph it. These are marvelous images.

I'm so excited that you are joining us for the Autumn Celebration swap. We'll have a great time. Thank you for playing along.

Scott said...

I've only seen Chihuly's art on TV and photos, but I would love to see an exhibit, because they are amazing. I don't know if you've seen the PBS show about him, but it is really a treat to watch. These are great photos and I think your work with the 5th graders is awesome.

Jeanie said...

Saw you on Relyn's swap list and noticed you were up the road a piece at Alma! I'm in Lansing -- we pass by you all the time en route to the lake!

Wasn't the Chihuly exhibition wonderful? I did a post on it, too! What blogger could resist? Your photos are terrific! (I work at WKAR -- we have a show about him coming up in November!)

Relyn said...

So, I don't think I stopped back by to tell you how happy I am that you will be joining the swap. I'm working on it just now. You'll get an email from me in an hour or so. I'm thrilled that you are joining us. Happy weekend, my friend.

kendalee said...

Lovely post Sandy! I saw a Chihuly exhibition similar to this in Kew Gardens several years ago and was completely amazed at how gorgeous it was - somehow so at home in the outdoors, despite being so fragile - such beautiful organic shapes. Great project for the young photographers :o)

Kamana said...

oh wow these are amazing!

Sandy K. said...

Thank you, all. It really is amazing to think that someone did this work from conception to final product and placement. I hear there's only one placed licensed to clean his work, and it's in either Washington state or Oregon. I need to finish my homework!

S. Etole said...

Somehow I have missed your last couple of posts. When I go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. there is a large Chihuly piece suspended from the ceiling by the main entrance. His work is really quite amazing. Enjoyed seeing your photos.