Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Travel Tuesday - Gardens

We'll travel to the garden today, since mine is amazing me every day. When I planted my first real attempt to grow some lovely blooms, I was skeptical. My husband stood back with me and looked at my skimpy plantings and neither of us could see it coming to much. That's what lack of experience will bring you, I think.

There are still "mistakes" that have been made. I thought I planted a few blooms which would be tall - that didn't happen. I thought I planted marigolds just to keep out the rabbits, and found they are a very powerful flower all by themselves! However, I am very pleased with my organized chaos, and am taking notes for next year.

Along the way I have found other bloggers, like Traci, who have wonderful hints about growing fabulous blooms. I may even plant some hydrangeas, which weren't on my list of flowers to try. There are so many colors and textures out there, who said your garden needs to be the same each year? Live and learn!

So whether it's your own garden, a friend's garden, or a more formal garden, look at the color, patterns and textures within the overall picture. Your first impression can definitely be enhanced through further exploration. Visit S. Etole to see what else I have missed, and you should not, this summer. I have GOT to get up earlier in the morning to investigate my overnight residents!

The ribbons tied to the fence, in my garden shot, are there in honor and memory of our friends. A previous post explained our community has been in the midst of the trauma of the plane crash in Lake Michigan 10 days ago, and to show support our town is decked out in ribbons and signs and celebration of very special people and their families.


Traci said...

Thank you so much for the link, Sandy. Your garden is FABULOUS! I never would have guessed that was the garden of a beginner!

So sorry for your loss. I was wondering about the ribbons.

S. Etole said...

Your garden has performed beautifully ... what inspiration.

I appreciate the link back ... the wild flowers are so abundant this summer. They bring a lot of joy in unexpected places.