Monday, April 26, 2010

Up in the Air

National Museum in Dayton, OH

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Ohio and attended the 68th Anniversary celebration of Doolittle's Raiders - a famous WWII mission. Four of the remaining eight Raider's were in attendance, which was spectacular, and moving. They were part of a "nearly impossible" bombing raid over Japan. Each generation needs a reminder of what has come before, and how it has impacted their country, their world. With this in mind, we truly appreciated the fact that we had three generations in attendance, soaking up the history in our own ways. (Please check out the links for more information on this important time in U.S. history.)

War Memorial in the Park at the Museum

17 Replica B-25 Mitchell Bombers Flying in Salute

We also enjoyed the museum, and spent time looking at our own aviation passions. Mine, as I've shared before, is nose art.

Apparently, Daryl ALSO appreciates nose art:)

Daryl, his son, and granddaughter wandered the museum looking at some of their favorite aircraft, reveling in the history behind the artifacts.

Photography is such a great way to record events and history. Now the challenge is to find a way to organize the images! No more shoe boxes, but plenty of photos in computer files - where it's more difficult to share!

How do you organize your photos, and share them with friends, family, and others? All helpful hints are welcome!


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Sandy first of all, I love these planes. I'm a succer when it comes to them. My dream goal was to be a pilot on a figther plane F16. But my studies were to low. Now my son is aming for that goal.
So thanks for sharing these.

You can file at flickr and share at the same time. Go ask Caroline (check my blog for info) I'll bet she and also Beth are good at this.
Good luck finding your filing ways.


Mark said...

Really enjoyed those photos, great shots. All I do with my photos is organize them in folders by month and subject on my computer. Every so often I copy the ones I really want onto a disc, to have in case the computer bites the dust. Then I take the really special ones, upload them to my walmart store. The next time I go to walmart I pick up the developed phots. As an example, I might have 500 photos on my computer for the month of march. I'll develop only 30 or 40 of my very favorite to put in a picture album, like the old days.
To share, I post the ones I want to share on facebook.

Debbie said...

I was given one of those wonderful digital photo frames by my hubby a few years ago. I turn it on all the time and display my favourite photographs. They are a great way to share.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

excellent chronicling, SK. i'm going to learn more about this raid on Japan over the rest of the week. thx for sharing! ;)

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Sandy K -- I lived for about 5 years in Virginia (grad school), and worked for GE Capital calling on all of the military bases in Virginia. I loved stopping and viewing all of the military hardware and history of our great country. wonderful pics!