Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Opportunities

Camera Club Workshop

Put a group of photographers in a room with props, models and set-ups, and you have a recipe for a fun evening. If you ever have the opportunity to join a Camera Club, investigate the possibilities. We have a very good time together.

In the picture above, a few of our members take the time to set up some still-life sets, like the one below.

Another opportunity provided by a member who does studio shooting, was a set-up with some models who work for one of our other members. It was a perfect opportunity for them to get some free photos, taken by professional, semi-professional, and amateur members of the group. The girls brought prom dresses, as well. We gave the girls copies of all the photos taken as a "thank you."

We have other workshops during the year, such as taking HDR photos, using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, insect/macro photography and creating your own equipment (another blog entry, for sure!). It's one thing to read and study, and to talk to others about photography, but it's an entirely different experience to get a group together to share ideas and techniques.

When we aren't having workshops, we're having competitions. That's another experience, where you can not only practice honing your techniques while shooting specific themes, but you also compete against other members of the club and learn from visual study and critique.

So, check out your area and find a camera club nearby. We have friends who live in Denver, and are members of the Mile High Wildlife Photography Club. Look at their site for some neat ideas, too.

Attend a Camera Club meeting or two and see if it's for you....I think you'll be pleasantly surprised:).


Char said...

love that - the club i used to belong to only did competitions. i like these ideas better.

S. Etole said...

This sounds like such an exciting venture ... how fun!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

oh, i WISH i could get back to photography ... i loved my classes in undergrad. thanks for the encouragement, SK!

joyce said...

I've never seen a camera club advertised in my area....I don't think I would go to it anyways, but I sure would like to have someone spend a couple of hours showing me how to properly work my camera!

Sandy K. said...

It's a lot of fun, and something we enjoy doing together. It's great to have our "own" hobbies, but also nice to have a shared interest:).

Leanne said...

your quilt is beautiful! Very nice!