Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lasting Legacies

Five of our (almost) nine grandchildren

Oh how we want things to last forever. Our loves, our families, our cherished memories, our lives. We want our "things" to last, as well.
Christmas mittens for a grandson
How long will our photographs really last? How many generations of our family will sort through albums, scrapbooks, and yes, boxes, guessing who everyone was and who was related to whom? Our stories are not just written, or shared using the oral traditions, they are told through the visual medium of photography.

My first quilt made from individual blocks.

Sometimes we forget that there are many aspects of ourselves we'd like future generations to know about as well. Yes, we're photographers, yet we are also parents, grandparents, teachers, pilots, readers, and crafters. As much as I want our photographs to be legacies of "family" and events in our lives, we have other things to share as well.

Results of a quilting class - learning new skills

So this post is for everyone out there who creates. Photograph, tell stories, and create lasting memories of who you are, what the time period represents - a slice of your life to share with others.

Baby blankets for family and friends

Leave remnants of the person you are and the time in which you live. Create your own history and it will live on for generations.

What historical artifacts are you creating today?


Christine said...

I LOVE that first quilt, Mom!!

Char said...

so very true - i cherish what i have from the generations before

S. Etole said...

That's a very good question to consider ...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh yea we are so much more than just one thing.

Love your quilts and the memories you made and hold with them.
Happy weekend.