Monday, March 1, 2010

Macro Monday is Back

If I felt more inspired by my surroundings I wouldn't have to work so hard to find photo subjects. March 1st seems like as good a time as any to
look harder,

Happy Monday!

What are YOUR photographic subjects right now?


S. Etole said...

light and shadows mostly ... really enjoyed your prior post, too

Christine said...


Debbie said...

Forgot to answer your question. My photography subjects at the moment are mostly animals. I love photographing them.

Debbie said...

Great mosaic. Photography always makes me more aware of my surroundings.

Sandy K. said...

We have a competition coming up -"pet portraits." Definitely not very easy; I love the photo you have here, Debbie. It cute and lively and has personality. That's the type of photo I like to take, as well. Right now I'm doing some "in your face" shot of the cats. We'll see - and you all will, too!