Monday, March 22, 2010

Backyard Wildlife

Cottontail picking up the seed scattered from
the feeders above.

One day warm and one day cold.
One day sun and one day snow.

Fox Squirrel caught in the act.

Outside the kitchen window we have seen a variety of critters congregating at the feeders. I have been unable to get a good shot of the deer which come in - much too dark and the deer are much to skittish. Having just finished reading an article about capturing a digital image of Bambi- a photograph we've been trying to get each of the 17 years we've lived in the country -we're cleaning off gear and counting the days to the start of our field excursions. So far we've seen Bambi jump and run, and a number of lovely does who could have been Bambi's mother. There have also been the bucks which entered my camera range on occasion. But not Bambi. Spring is upon us again, and we are planning our strategy for capturing this elusive spring visitor.

A Tufted Titmouse grabs a snack.

Until Bambi arrives, however, we love looking at the other lovely gems of our backyard wildlife extravaganza.

"Who's" hanging out at your house lately?


Debbie said...

What lovely visitors you have visiting you. We have pretty birds in our garden, but no furry visitors :( good luck with capturing Bambi.

Char said...

only the pugs and the cat - living in the city, i do not get many wilds. beautiful shots you have here.

S. Etole said...

The deer have started coming around again ... there were six or seven of them in the yard the other night. Haven't seen any raccoons yet. The geese are slowly flying in. Enjoyed your photos!

joyce said...

I love the squirrel!!!