Monday, October 26, 2009

Bursts of Color

Otter Lake, in the Upper Peninsula

The wind has been blowing, the rain has been falling, and the colors are found more on the ground than on the trees. I love fall, but it just doesn't last long enough. It also seems like I have to work so hard that I'm missing the color and excitement, the smell of burning leaves and the feel of the fresh, damp breeze blowing my hair.

Work has also kept me from blogging, but my schedule is starting to ease a bit. I am looking forward to grabbing my camera again and getting outdoors - well, at least until the really cold air hits. I think that's next week.

One of my favorite views of our yard.

Color and Texture in Nature

Enjoy the color and vibrancy of the last of autumn, and welcome in the dormancy of winter. It's supposed to be a time of renewal, time to reflect and enjoy the silence.

Is this what winter means to you? What is your favorite season?


Christine said...

Cool pics! I especially love the first one!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Being a redhead myself I love fall. The colors do sooth me. I feel as if they are my blanket.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful sights. Hugs Dagmar

Char said...

beautiful shots

kendalee said...

I like all the seasons for different reasons but I'd be quite happy to have only two months (at the most!) of winter (November, December would be perfect). Like you, I love Autumn - the colours really make me happy - and am sad that it's so short. Are you dancing through it in you red shoes?