Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday and "Me" Time

I love Sunday. As I lay in bed this morning waiting until that last possible minute before I had to jump out and get ready for church, I picked up a book on my bedside table thinking I'd read another chapter in a book I'm currently reading. Then another book caught my eye, buried at the bottom of a pile of books which has been sitting on this very crowded table for quite a while.
Agatha Christie's Halloween. I used to read Agatha Christie in junior high, and have not revisited this classic author since that time. The same is true for other writers of classic literature, and I think I decided I've gotten to be a lazy reader. This gave me pause, as I consider myself a writer. And writers need to read good literature.

So, I put down Janet Evonovich (Stephanie Plum knows "things happen"), picked up Agatha Christie, and fell in love all over again. The writing is rich and complex, without being high-brow. I had to tear myself away in order to get to church on time, and couldn't wait to get back to it. But wait. Another treat awaited me.

The afternoon was warm and lazy, and we decided to spend it somewhere we both love - the bookstore. I found myself looking at photography books, of course, and found a fabulous new book which I started to read as I enjoyed my rich and aromatic coffee in the bookshop cafe. I'm now in love with Visual Poetry, by Chris Orwig. Check out his web site and blog at and There is also a web site which compliments the new book,

This book is about creativity and growing as an artist. It is getting me excited about my new photography project, working with a group of 5th grade students on a storytelling component of a unit on "seeing green." Storytelling with photographs.

Tonight while I bake cookies, I read more Visual Poetry, yet I am again looking forward to curling up in bed with Agatha Christie.

Reading. Sunday. "Me" time. Working sure gets in the way!
Hold off, Monday! I need more time!


Char said...

Christie's "Ten Little Indians" remains one of my favorite go to mystery books. Great choice.

sounds like a great weekend.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Love to read, books are the best way to get your busy self out of this world for just a little while. And how wonderful your bookstores are open on sundays. Here every store is closed on sunday.....To bad.

joyce said...

A love of books is something I cannot seem to make my kids inherit from me. I do like Janet Evanovich though, wheh I read I do it mostly for entertainment, although I do have a bookshelf full of classics too. I may have to try Agatha Christie, I haven't read her since highschool either.

Sandy K. said...

I forgot about Ten Little Indians- that one comes next, then. I belong to a book club which meets tonight, actually, and I'll see what we have on tap for this year's reading. Though I prefer choosing my own books, it's really good to stretch and try something new periodically.

Dagmar, the major suppliers are open on Sunday, like Barnes and Noble and Schuler's. Though I wish business would take the day of rest as well, it is a lovely retreat for us now and then.

Sandy K. said...

Oh yes, I have a correction to make. The book I'm reading is really called Hallowe'n Party. And the plot is thickening as the clues are being collected!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Agreed, nothing beats time in a bookshop!

Sandy, thanks for beautiful advice, really love it.

Dan Felstead said... the book on Amazon hard/softback or is it just electronic? I would like to buy sounds great and I went to his site. Looks very interesting.


Sandy K. said...

It's soft-cover, Dan. A beautiful book. I think you can purchase it off the site, actually. My husband and I are fighting for turns at reading it. Maybe I'll make it a read-aloud. Seriously, what I like is there are assignments by category, and a flickr site to submit work and share with others. I'm not sure how much I'll have time to do, but over time I want to work my way through the exercise. Very user-friendly and informative.