Friday, August 14, 2009

From the Road - Installment 1

There are so many wonderful stories from the road to tell. And images collected which are heartwarming and humorous. Here's the first installment of our 2009 Adventure:

This record shot of our Oshkosh camp ground morning illustrates that when you travel you take what you can get. Here is the electricity...along the outside wall of the bath house. Each day you could find a mixed group of people getting their electrical fix - either drying hair in the morning, as shown here, or plugging in laptops and cell phones and electric scooters/chairs. In fact, you can see one electric chair undercover on the right, plugged into one of the outlets.

It was pretty hilarious, and made me think of camping trips I have taken over the years. Though I was one of the people at the electrical outlets each morning, I was amazed that this is the place you could find the teenagers in the evening. Not playing ball or riding bikes or playing kick-the-can. They were attached by a cord to an outlet...and very little conversation could be heard.

I love camping, actually, and love the time you can spend with your friends and family over a camp fire, or sitting at a picnic table playing cards. I'm not saying some of that wasn't happening, but the site of healthy young people plugged into an electical source during a family vacation was a bit disheartening.

Above, Roamin' and I enjoy the morning paper on the porch swing of a KOA campground. This trip has been a nice mix of rustic camping, state park campground parking, KOA Kamper Kabins, and the occasional hotel. Showers are still high on my list of priorites.

As we head for home I am drafting a number of "road trip" stories, as well as trying to organize a "few" photos I've taken over the last few weeks. Though heading back to work is starting to infiltrate my stream of consciousness, I am planning on enjoying each day as it comes.

Thank you for hanging in there for my inconsistent posts...I promise some good photos and stories from this three-week adventure as soon as time (and power) permit. I have some photography lessons learned, as well. You have to make mistakes to improve your skills - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Treat each day as an adventure; it helps!


kendalee said...

Looking forward to more of your adventures Sandy - it sounds like you've had a great time!

The line of electrical outlets made me smile. We are so dependent aren't we? It's a bit sad, but no use denying that I'd probably have been there at some point, plugging in my laptop to charge it up... Hairdryers, phones etc. I can live without. Laptop, not so sure anymore. If stretched for more than a few days without it, I start to get antsy. :)

Char said...

you and Kate both make me want to explore using KOA campsites more.

can't wait to hear more.

joyce said...

I miss camping, we aven't gone in the last two years, last year it just didn't work out and this year we just don't have a vehicle big enough. Plus we've had a campfire ban almost all summer so it wouldn't be the same. But you're right about disheartening, its an electronic age, but kids need to get down to basics sometimes too.

Dan Felstead said...

Sandy, I am looking forward to the pictures and it sounds like you are having a great time...I love Summer vacations!


PS Have a safe trip home.

ols1 said...

That is true in life too - we have to make mistakes to improve skills - I always enjoy your posts :)

Sandy K. said...

I love KOA Kamper Kabins. We still tent, and mixed up our stays on this trip. But a dry place to sleep, off the ground, is a real plus the older we get.

Calling "mistakes" a learning experience is a good way to go, speaking of age:).