Monday, August 3, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

I absolutely love when something old is renovated, or renewed, or given new life. At events such as this AirVenture, sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association, there is a lot of emphasis placed on education....and on history.

Take this Douglass DC-3, for example. These planes were early airline transport and used widely in WWII. They are renowned for durability and dependability, with most flying thousands and thousands of hours. AND, they are still used today.

Duggie is in use in a number of ways. At the air show he took jumpers up to altitude so they could jump from a perfectly good aircraft to be part of the air show demonstrations. Duggie is also an educational tool, showing school children about air planes, and encouraging their interest in aviation. Check out the web site on the first photo. If you have children, share the site with them, as well. There is a lot of information as well as activities.

As you can see, Roamin' sure enjoyed his time on the aircraft. In this photo he is checking out the cockpit of the plane. Unfortunately he didn't get to handle the controls.

Basler, a company in Oshkosh, coverts the DC-3 from radial piston engines to turbine engines, bringing these fabulous historic airliners into the 21st Century. This conversion makes them more efficient, fives them a somewhat faster cruise speed, and lengthens the life of the aircraft.

If Daryl wins the lottery he's getting one, but he'll need a co-pilot. We'll be sure to post the advertisement here first.

Can you figure out which part of the aircraft Roamin' is standing in? He's outside the craft...that's your only hint.


Char said...

it looks like the opening below the props.

great shots

JGregg said...

Roamin' is not so good at hiding these days! But, I LOVE the big smile in the sky...made me smile right along with you. Great update!



joyce said...

my guess would be the part where the propeller is..or where the exhaust goes out? (Do they even have exhaust in planes?)
I do love the Smile in the Sky name...perfect for this bright guy.

kendalee said...

Loving your adventures! And Roamin' looks like he's having a great time. Is he on the little extraction vent thingie (?!) under the prop?

Chris said...

Great shots! My husband would love these pix. He's very into aircraft, especially anything associated with WWII.

I'm not sure what he's standing it an engine?

Sandy K. said...

Roamin is, indeed, standing in the vent below the prop. I'm getting a lot of attention as I photograph my little gnome in various places. Wait until you see Mt. Rushmore!

Anonymous said...

Sandy should have checked with me first. Roamins in the air intake for the engine, not a vent!


Sandy K. said...

I stand corrected:). Thank you husband, (anonymous), for adding your expertise here. Airplane parts are not my forte, as you know.:)