Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Thinking - the "Meme"

Just as we were starting out on our adventure, I received a "meme" request from a wonderful follower - Extranjera, at What Will I Ever Do With My Life? Isn't that a great question? I hope we never stop asking it.

A "meme," I asked? And what exactly IS one? Fortunately it was all spelled out, with examples, and room for creativity. There should always be room for creativity! So, a "meme," pronounced like "theme," is a list of questions we answer and ask each other - another level to getting to know something about someone else. I looked at Extranjera's post and found it interesting, smart, and funny; she's such a great writer. Then I looked at the post from the person who tagged HER for a "meme." Slightly different questions, and direction. So, I've come up with my own.

The rules: 5 categories, and 5 things in each category. Photographs, words, combinations of the two - it seems pretty non-threatening, yet gives you pause to think. AND, after completing your entry you invite 5 others to play along. There isn't a time limit, as far as I can tell, as that would be too constraining. But I am sure the answer would be "sooner" rather than "later," if you were asked point blank.

Prior categories include: If you could only read one writer who would it be; What profession would you NOT want to attempt; What is your least favorite chore; What is your favorite place; What are your favorite words; Favorite articles of clothing; Favorite catchphrases;....
As a writer as well as photographer, I'm choosing the Big 5: Who, What, When, Where, Why (or why not?)

Family - time with family is extremely important. Who can resist the little ones?!

People having fun - no matter the age or activity, like this man who was dancing to his own drummer on board our Lake Michigan crossing. And I mean DANCING!
People passionate about their lives, and their contributions to life.

People who embrace role's part of who they are. Includes the unintended heros, like Jeff Skiles, the 1st officer on the "miracle on the Hudson" flight. What a down-to-earth man, who was "just doing his job."
People who understand what it means to be a life-long learner.


Art - in any form. Fine arts, visual arts...the act of creating something from an idea, or feeling.

Raindrops - on anything.Conservation of energy and other natural resources. We see more and more windfarms on our travels. We stopped at a gas station and found this sign, as well. Fueled by wind power. Absolutely a wonderful sign that people are paying attention and making necessary changes.

Writing a book - Something I'm working on. Maybe with photography, maybe without. Or maybe both!

The American flag - being patriotic and true to our standards.


Special occasions - I love birthdays, and Christmas. A chance to celebrate should always be embraced. Celebrate the small things, too.
Always on Sundays. - My favorite day of the week. A time for reflection, family, prayer, renewal.

Each season of the year - Spring, summer, winter or fall....each season brings with it visual and other sensory delights. Carmel apples and warm autumn colors, or popsicles and colorful blossoms. Breathe deeply.

In my life time -write a book; travel to all 50 states; watch the grandchildren grow into adults...I have a bucket list:).

Today - don't wait. There's something happening every day to enjoy, celebrate, reflect on, grow with. Be open to the possibilities.


All 50 states, and Great Britain. I love to travel and want to see it all!
To live -Michigan, Washington...anywhere my family is.

To learn -workshops and classes and books- - anywhere I can learn something new.

In the world - Do you know who Flat Stanley is? A fabulous educational tool which travels the world and returns back with lots of interesting experience. Google him:).

To find peace -within myself and through me, to others. We need a bit more of that '60's feeling:).

Why (or Why Not)?

Chase a dream
Be yourself
Try to affect change
Live each day as if it were your last
I decided not to go on the major hunt for photos to illustrate everything on my list, which is definitely not exhaustive.
Now I will "tag" 5 others to play along. I think my categories were more difficult than I thought they would be, and more time consuming! I am choosing my five people based on variety....hoping to see a range of categories created and shared. Photos, words...combinations. Just have fun! Thank you for thinking of me, Extranjera!

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Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Sandy this sure was an great post. I've learned so much. Loved the pics. Specially the one with with ART I can spot your little gnome on the elks head there ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like these memes that let me find out a little more about the people behind the blogs. thanks for thinking of me ... i will have to think about this a bit and will let you know when i post.

Anonymous said...

I like these memes that let me find out a little more about the people behind the blogs. thanks for thinking of me ... i will have to think about this a bit and will let you know when i post.

Chris said...

What an awesome post, and a great concept. It's always so interesting to hear what makes other people tick (and be happy and content). Thanks for sharing :)

Sandy K. said...

This post was more difficult to do than I had thought it would be, and I would have loved to do it in photographs. But it was pretty lengthy:). I was just reminded of another one which I will need to get maybe I can do more weaving of words and pictures. It's fun!

Extranjera said...

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Good post on creative thinking.

karim - Positive thinking

JGregg said...

This is amazing. Cannot wait to read this entire post tomorrow when I start the day. Thanks, Sandy K, for the inspirational baton! -- Jg.