Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Creatures Great and Small

Welcome to my "critter" post. I love wildlife of all kind. I love photographing wildlife of all kind. This bison was by the road as we traveled through Yellowstone National Park. Huge. Ungainly. Fascinating. I could not leave out photographing wildlife from a week of celebrating things which make me happy. Thank you, Lisa, as I am having a difficult time sorting out only enough things to talk about for one week. I have a list which could take a few weeks to go through! How exciting is that?

In the size category, butterflies are the other end of the spectrum. Small and dainty and colorful, I delight in watching them flit from one place to another. This particular little lady (I looked it up and found out you can actually tell a male from a female monarch by a little black spot on the back of the wing) started as a fabulous caterpillar who made her chrysalis on my front porch. In the left photo you can see the clear case still attached to my porch spindle as she dried her wings on my geranium. It was great to keep track of the progress of this graceful creature as I waited for the unveiling. AND, she managed to emerge from this chrysalis on the day before we left on our trip! How did she know?

Birds are delightful. We put out feeders and attract a nice variety of these feathered friends. I love hummingbirds as well as hawks. Fascinating creatures. I think having a step-son who is a falconer really accelerated my appreciation for raptors.
I can even be fascinated by creatures which are not cute, fuzzy or even traditionally "beautiful." While on this trip we found that there are surprises everywhere - the jellyfish was swimming right off the dock in Washington state. Off the dock! I left the floating cigarette butt in this photo for two reasons. One, it gives the jellyfish scale. Two...we have GOT to do something about littering and teaching people how to take care of the environment!
Speaking of "scale," then there was the morning my husband says, "Honey, how about escargot for breakfast?" Making its way across the campsite, at its own pace of course, was a fascinating yet slightly repulsive snail. I have been meaning to look up its proper name, because "snail" doesn't quite match what we saw.

So...creatures great and small...photographic subjects... fascinating subjects. Is anyone else addicted to photographing wildlife?


Char said...

you got some great wildlife shots

Christine said...

I'm pretty sure that's not a snail, Mom. It's an alien.

Ew ew ew!!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

great shots! I love nature photography too, but don't have many animal shots. How fun that you have such variety.

ols1 said...

I love taking wildlife shots too. I think a lot of that has to do with being outside. Working in an office all the time it is just lovely to get outside and photographing animals of any kind is a favourite pass time.

georgia b. said...

yes, yes, yes! i love photographing wildlife! wish i could do it more. how appropriately my post from today goes with yours. :)

i finally found out the name of the photographer who did the black and white airport/airplane photography that i told you about a while back--whose photos were on display at a local coffee shop.

his name is steve mark. here is a link to some of his photos.

joyce said...

How lucky is that butterfly picture? I have never had the opportunity to watch something like that. And jellyfish off the dock in Washington? Are they the stinging type, and if they are do people still swim there? And the snail is just eeewww.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely pics!
Happy weekend.

Sandy K. said...

Georgia - thank you for remembering the photographer:). I will definitely check out the site. And I always knew we were on the same "plane," so to speak:).

I don't know if the jellyfish is the stinging kind. I guess I assumed so; I didn't see any swimmers here:).

The butterfly emerging right on time, and in such a convenient spot, was a miracle as far as I am concerned. I had been hoping for just such an opportunity. Now...a fawn. I need to find a fawn. Waiting for spring, as I do each year.