Monday, July 6, 2009

Macro Monday + One

With a little help from my friend
(+1=not macro, though taken with my macro lens)

Things I Love About Summer
(in no particular order,
though I see food appears higher on the list
than does exercise.)

Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables
Family reunions
Quiet, country mornings
Showy meadows
Gentle rains
Thunder storms
Family gatherings
Children's laughter at dusk
The sound of dogs barking
Windows open
Gently blowing curtains
Big puffy clouds
Being warm
The smell of fresh cut grass
The sound of lawn mowers
Sitting on the porch reading
The colors
Leaves on the trees
Photo ops
Waves on the beach
Ice cream
Long walks
Riding bikes
Having church outside at the pavilion
Sunrise and Sunsets
The Great Lakes

I'm sure this isn't the entire list, but it's a good start. It could also become a "things I'm grateful for" list, as well. We need to take time periodically to reflect on all the good things in our lives.

Tomorrow is the FIREWORKS reveal, and I'll announce an idea I have for a challenge. With a give-away. I know how everyone likes give-aways and thought I'd take a turn.

Have a lovely summer day!


Kamana said...

those look so juicy and sweet.

Jen said...

oh, that naughty pup! LOL - mine LOVE whipped cream, and Moonbeam will fight you for a cherry! Sasha is a blueberry hound, through and through.

I am ready for a challenge!


joyce said...

I love how the blueberries are centred in the raspeberries, like a flower!!

Char said...

gorgeous shots!!

Claire said...

church outdoors... that brings back really sweet memories for me.

Christine said...

LOVE the fruit photos! I REALLY want to eat it!!

Teresa said...

How cool!! and what a precious doggie!!

joyce said...

You asked how I create my mosaics...I go to
its pretty easy from there. I like how you did yours today though, its diffferent.

paperfollies said...

wow, what a great blog i've stumbled on via your comment on mine! (thanks!) i really enjoyed reading all of the photography info. ~ taking shots of fireworks, what's a macro shot...
i piddle and canoodle around with my camera and softward, but am pretty much feeling my way in the dark. *sigh* too many loves, too little time to get to know them all well.
loved the list as well ~ many are favorites for me as well.

Grey Street Girl said...

Yum! That's one lucky pup!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

That looks so yummy! Luck dog! :)

kendalee said...

Great list Sandy! I LOVE summer :) Those raspberries do look irresistible...

ols1 said...

I love this collection of photos - and I love the bowl the dog has - he sure does look like he is enjoying his treat.

ols1 said...

I love this collection of photos - and I love the bowl the dog has - he sure does look like he is enjoying his treat.

Nenslens said...

Great shots in your mosaic!The one of the pup is sooo cute! And, your summer list includes just about everything on my list!

To achieve the pinwheel picture
I used Adobe Photoshop-filter-distort-twirl. It is fun to play with all the different filters but it can become an addiction.

Sandy K. said...

This poor dog...I let her get this far, for the photo op, then I take it away. She leads a deprived life. I had only turned my back a minute, and there she was - all about the whipped cream. Not the fruit, of course:).

Thank you for the tip on creating the pinwheel. I'm going to try it! Very fun for certain images.