Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technology and Creativity

Time Out's are Interesting

It's so interesting how your life changes when you don't have a computer. Thus has been the case this week, as my computer decided to have a "temper tantrum" after I continued to work on large files without doing some clean up. So to the shop it went, and I decided what to do with my time without my computer. Interesting.

Photography went on, of course, as did my creative juices. I did a lot of thinking about how important the computer was in my life. And I actually enjoyed the time without the computer. it surprised me somewhat. But I also missed the new friends I'd acquired as this photography blog continued to grow and find a wider audience.

How tied to your computers are you? What happens when you can't get online to be a part of the blogosphere?


joyce said...

thanks for visiting my blog. hmmmm, life without a much as i love it, appreciate how much easier things are with it, am thankful for the closeness I keep with other people whom otherwise I may not have met, I have often said to my husband..I wish we'd never had computers. That's mainly because of kids, they get furious when things don't work as they should, they spend too much time on it that we, as kids, spent outside, using our imaginations, and they are too easily exploited. Maybe we could put an age limit on it?

Leanne said...

I am way too tied to my computer! It's crazy! Everytime I walk by it sucks me in either to edit pictures, do Facebook or check out the blog updates! Next week I am going to spend a week away at "girls camp". (its a program for the youth in our church and I am one of the leaders) and I'm pretty sure I'll go through some withdrawals! It will definitely be good for me!

Char said...

I've grown to love some of my daily blogs and miss them when they are not around. I'll be away from my computer tomorrow and I'm sure I will be jonesing for it tomorrow night.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Dear friend, Thanks for your touching words on my blog the other day. And many more thanks for reading the story and getting involved in my life.

Some times it's good computers have tantrums...You made me laugh with this one.
Now you had more time, space and eyes for other things that are as important too in your life.
Be well.

ols1 said...

How true it is - I am still new to this blogging experience, but have found it the most wonderful way to spend some of my time. I really think this photo is great well done Sandy :)

kendalee said...

I'm VERY tied to mine! It keeps me closely and frequently in touch with friends and family all across the world and I love that. I remember the time when we waited weeks and months between letters, and when phonecalls were too expensive to happen very often, and I'd not want to return to that. I've met such lovely people online too and I miss everyone when I can't get to my computer. I just turn it off when I need a break, and I can live without it but I wouldn't want to. Not for too long anyway! :)

georgia b. said...

i'd go crazy without the use of my computer. pathetic, i know. what did i ever do before them?

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

Its a love/hate thing for me. I love being in touch with so many people and so much information at my fingertips, but the time I spend on here can be crazy!
Have a great week!