Monday, June 29, 2009

Pop Quiz -Macro, Micro and Close-up

You probably hear these terms all the time, and don't really know what the difference is between a macro image, a micro image and a close-up image. I have all three "types" represented above and wonder what you know, or what you can find out:).

So, when you post your response today, let me know what you know about each term, and if you think you take, macro, micro and/or close-up photographs. And then take a stab at which photos in the collage above belong in which of those categories. Not to worry - no grades.'s possible that a photograph fits more than one label. You are also missing an important piece of information, which you'll discover later:). Welcome to the Pop Quiz!

Starting at the bottom left and working clockwise, here are my images: Milkweed flower, Goat's Beard puff ball, Monarch caterpillar, cactus, Monarch caterpillar, dutch shoes, Goat's Beard flower, tulip.

Have Fun!


Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely shots!

Think would guess the terms based on their English meaning alone.
No idea in photography lingo though.

Beautiful week.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* I missed the balloon launch. Actually, I got there on time (a huge accomplishment in and of itself, for me anyways) and the launch was cancelled - too much wind. I paid $12.00 to park!


Ok, for the quiz...milkweed flower is micro, goat's beard puff is macro, caterpillar one is macro, cactus is close up, caterpillar two is macro, dutch shoes are micro, goat's beard flower is macro, and tulip is macro and close up.

LOL - you know, I used to be a high school teacher, I wish I could say my quizzes were as fun as this. :)

joyce said...

I would guess the shoes and the milkweed are micro...the big one is the macro, and the rest are close-ups....but I really don't know for sure, which is giving me my own grief with my camera, I can never get the settings right for closeups or macros. I wish I knew more about that kind of thing!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Yikes - my guess is that the photos where the object appears much bigger than in real life are the macros (the tulip petals, the puff ball). The close ups show the details like the Milkweed and Goat's Beard Flower. And the micros, hmmm now I'm really confused. Can't choose between macro and close-up for the caterpillars.

Can't wait to find out what these terms and the corresponding images mean!

Char said...

oh...let's see. l-r

macro, macro, close-up, macro
macro, macro

I'm sort of iffy on the catus one because I can't get a sense of scale there.

kendalee said...

Absolutely NO idea! I could guess but that's all it'd be. I'm very interested to find out though, so I'll be back... :)

Sandy K. said...

Thank you for playing, ladies. You are all on the right track. I have unveiled the "truth" - though in photography what IS the truth - in my post today. I hope you had fun. Photography should be fun - all aspects! And educational.

georgia b. said...

oh, i guess i can't take this quiz now, 'cause i already saw your answer post. :)

oh, well. it was lovely to see all the photos anyway.

Sandy K. said...

Georgia-I wasn't thinking about that! Sorry! Next time I'll leave more time.

Sandy K. said...

Jen- sorry you missed the launch. Timing is everything, isn't it!? Oh time.