Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Next?

I find myself trying to decide what my next photo venture will be. I would like to learn more Photoshop skills, and I would also like to try some of those techniques you see in magazines and say, "I'd like to try that." In fact, I have two such photographs I plan on creating...and maybe now I'll have more time.

In the meantime, I am going through the archives and revisiting some of our work.
This photo is one my husband took, and it gives me the chills just looking at it again. What a thrill it was for him to fly in formation. A passenger, not the pilot, Daryl got some extraordinary shots of historic aircraft, reliving history.

We take photographs together, and enjoy the commonality of the joint interest, yet there are photos only he will take. This is one of them.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Dear Sandy, How wonderful my roses brought back your sweet memories. Thanks for your comment. I on the other hand have memories seeing these planes again. I love planes. Love to be in them too. My son wants so be a fly fighter in the army, he has lot's of these guys hanging in his bedroom...and my dad was in the airforce... so talking about old memories and those to come.

Chris said...

I highly recommend playing around with Photoshop. And just that, playing...sometimes it seems really intimidating to those who haven't tried it or know much about it. But I find the more I sample certain filters, photo affects, and layering, that I find a little magic that's unexpected. And you can find lots of help on the Internet if you google your question (or, of course, in books). Happy playing!

Georgia B. said...

what a wonderful shot! those planes are so cool.

i love that you both take photos together. i wish my husband was into photography like me. but at least he supports my love for it!

Relyn said...

WOW!! What an incredible opportunity he had. Thank you so much for sharing this image. You've fueled my dreams this morning.

Sandy K. said...

We do have a good time on our adventures. I was the photographer when we began dating...and I pulled him along with me. Now he loves it, too, and enjoys taking the wide angle photos. Much more into landscape photography, where I love the close-up, and macro. That helps when organizing all the photos we take!