Friday, May 15, 2009

Travel Perks-New Finds

We do love to travel and take photographs, but we also like to learn new things about places. Sometimes the places are those we've been to before, but find new ways to explore. And sometimes we have that accidental find....the kind where you turn a corner and there it is. Something new and interesting and explorable. This happened on our trip to Chicago last weekend, when we were exploring the northern suburbs. We like to drive and explore, and on this excursion we turned a corner and there was Fort Sheridan. A town. And a fort. What a unique place!

Originally established in about 1670 as a French trading post, it was on the trail between Green Bay, WI and old Chicago. The fort evolved from a crude stopping place into a formidable fort. And now the original vintage late 19th Century architecture blends with 21st Century convenience with this northern neighborhood - the fort has been converted to condos, town homes and single family residences. Amazing. Quaint. When I looked for more information about Fort Sheridan, research indicated that part of the renovations include 11-20 foot ceilings and 8 foot windows in some of the units.

Driving through the neighborhoods, you can see how officer residences and barracks are now well appointed dwellings. How romantic! And sweet:).

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