Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Spot

It's Day 3 of the "write everyday" challenge, and I'm still here:). With the theme of the month being "sweet," I thought this a good time to review a photography treat I introduced a couple of months ago.

In February I took an online photography course on using the Lensbaby, a lens which is similar in use to a tilt and shift lens. You rotate the outer part until you find the "sweet spot" of focus. It's possible to place the spot of focus anywhere in the frame, which is very fun. There are also screw-on close-up and wide-angle attachments.
Enjoy this selection of some of the photos I took during the course.

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Douglas Bruton said...

Good to find you are still here. Just popping by to make sure you keep to your challenge :-)

Also cos I like your May 1st pics so much... especially the bird.

Photographs can be used as a tool for creative writing. I am sure you know that. If you visit Sarah Salway's Writing Journal, you'll see that she regularly sticks up a photograph as a 'prompt' inviting writers to post a 50 word 'story' to the prompt. (has to be precisely 50 words) It is a fun challenge and there are some really good pieces there. I have posted 75 since finding it in January.

All good fun.

Congrats on making day three. (see, am very encouraging)