Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spread the Sunshine

Welcome to the third day of color week- yellow and orange. The colors are found together a lot and it's been fun trying to decide my focus...if any. It's also become a challenge to find the colors on doorways. I'll open the day with an orange door, found on a miniature dutch village house. Orange or yellow don't seem to be popular door colors where I live:). I am already dreading the purple challenge!

I have been wishing for a garden...something I wish for every spring but we travel too much during the summer to really take care of one. Yesterday we took the first step and purchased some fencing to go in front of the front walk-way, and my wish is to plant bulbs and flowers and create a seasonal "mess" of color. I also would like an ornament for my area, and find myself drawn to garden ornaments wherever we go. This one is lovely, I think, with the bird perched jauntily on top. I love how the surrounding area is caught in the reflection.

What would I have done this week if we hadn't gone to the street fair last weekend? It's been so much fun posting my finds, but it was even more fun looking for the colors during the outdoor event! I'll continue the orange glass theme with the eye of this sculpture. It's the same type of copper sculpture I showed on Blue day....and is actually huge! Very fun, though I have absolutely no desire to have such a large object on my own grounds:). I'm a bit more subtle, by nature.

I had a little "help" setting up this shot. I love a good picnic, so thought it was time to start thinking about the one Kendalee (Dance of a Painted Lady) is hosting June 24th for Midsummer's Eve. A good book and some refreshments are a must, so Katy thought she'd help me with the cookie part. She's being SO good, with the plate of lemon (of course) shortbreads there on the plate. I will admit the bite missing from one of the cookies is from the bribe to lay still for the shot:).
As promised, I invited my front porch guest to the picnic. What a fabulous shade of orange, don't you think? I will have to get my identification books out and find out what type of lovely creature he will become.
I was going to stop at 5 pictures today, but there were too many to choose from. I absolutely love this challenge - and the wall art (I've decided it's really not graffitti) from the street fair. I also love the message. When we were in Costa Rica on a photo shoot a couple of years ago, we learned so much about the banana and coffee trades, and the unfair labor practices and working conditions, that we have worked very hard to be responsible environmentalists and human rights activists whenever we can.

That being said, it is time to sign off, pour some strong coffee, and get some work done. I will spend time throughout the day catching up on everyone's color-week posts - it makes a lovely break! Have a special day today. Think Sunshine!


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your cup of coffee is so warm and inviting and I love the glass garden ornament!

Thank you for your comments! I have gone through saturated and unsaturated phases in my life. And sometimes the most beautiful are the subtle shadows and highlights in a single palette... like your coffee cup.

Good to see your furry friend again.

Kamana said...

since starting this colour week, i've been noticing so much colour that i normally probably wouldnt have. i keep thinking i should take a photo of that, or that or that...

Leanne said...

Hey Sandy,
It's good to see you on my blog. I haven't been very good lately at blogging... I've been super busy and I have been putting alot of my stuff up on Facebook... do you have a facebook?
Anyway, I love your colors this week. How fun. I might have to try that one of these days.
Hope to see you around more in the blogging world!

Chris said...

Love the bird sculpture, great colors in that! And the dog on the blanket is priceless!

hellosweetworld said...

Cute sun graffiti....Happy Yellow and Orange day!

kendalee said...

I am so impressed that you've managed to keep up the door theme Sandy! And what a great collection of yellows and oranges - it's amazing how one's eye starts to filter for the colour of the day, isn't it?

I'm delighted to hear that you are making preparations for the picnic and please DO bring Katy long - every good picnic needs at least one lovely canine to attend! Happy to share my biscuits with her too. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Yep you sure found a typical Dutch house. Just the colors of the windows and doors aren't like that over here. We do have though old wooden doors that might have that old brownish/orange color.
Did you get yourself that little bird, I love it.

Douglas Bruton said...

What a lovely project.... and lots of fun too. I love your doors and the garden sculptures/ornaments.

Today it was sunny and the sky was blue. The trees in the village are all dressing in green again and there's apple blossom on next door's espalier.

It is so great to see colour returning to the place and your photographs are an added bonus. Spirits are most definitely lifted.


Sarah said...

Beautiful china tea cup and your dog is so sweet! Dogs must love a picnic-all that food actually on the floor within reach!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

Cute little caterpillar! And I think that garden sculpture is beautiful!

Amy Nieto said...

Ahh I finally make my way to your blog!

What a fun post! Orange is such a great color, so uplifting! I really like that garden ornament. I've been thinkingabout gardens too, but I have the blackest of all thumbs and am currently killing my teeny tiny succulents. Can you imagine that!