Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Didn't Make it

Oh well. I wasn't able to meet the May challenge of posting every day. But I have an excellent reason. We are currently in the Chicago area, where our son-in-law just graduated with his doctorate from Northern Illinois University. It's a fabulous occasion, with more than one photo op. Normally we take a lot of scenic photos, and nature, but on this occasion we've had to sneak in some human interest and people.

The entire weekend will be wonderful, of course. Mother's Day is always more special when you spend it with your children. And grandchildren. And today we've spent a grand time driving the Lake Michigan shore, photographing the water and various architectural areas. I will be sharing some of these photos over the course of time, with little snippets of history to go with.

The weather is good, the company is excellent, and travel and photography are the icing on the cake. Grab a camera and have a great time taking pictures of friends and family...and then take something new. Look around for the "picture within the picture." You'll be amazed what you find!

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