Saturday, May 23, 2009

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, our community hosts a Highland Festival and Games event. Parade, arts and crafts fair, Highland Dancing competition, Highland games competitions and exhibitions, reinactment demonstrations, Scottish fare, including a traditional Ceilidh. In other words....a rich cultural cavalcade, and photographic challenge.

Here is a sampling of our very busy day, which ended with our 4 1/2-yr-old granddaughter competing in her first Highland Dancing competition...she was SO excited:). Enjoy.

Some of many bands and drill groups who participated in the events.

I was amazed at the variety of wares available...including this tea pot chime. What a lovely sound, though I personally don't care for the shiny display. I was looking for pottery or something more subtle. Maybe wood. But this must be a new rage. What do you do with old silver? I have a box of my mother's and another two boxes of my mother-in-laws silver. Lovely at the time, I'm sure. But we just don't use it. Any ideas?
Dancers come in all ages and sizes. We love to watch the little ones as they learn to perform their steps with all the thrill and nerves that come from performing in front of a huge crowd. Though our little brunette was a trooper, and seemed to thrive under the adulation:). Another festival coming to a close...and yes, it rained, and the sun came out, and it rained, and it was overcast.....nothing new about Festival weather!


Kamana said...

i love highland dances and games, not so much the bagpipes, though :)

Christine said...

Emma is ADORABLE!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

oh look at her! you must have been beaming!

Chris said...

These are lovely images. Looks like the festival was a blast!

Sandy K. said...

We had a great time, and are very proud of our little one. She was not phased at all, and even has a quote in today's paper! A picture of her dancing was on the front page, and her quote was she was "four and a half years old." And she also said, "No, I'm not nervous at all!" That's our girl. A star is born - Yikes!

I need my camera more thing for my growing list!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Love to hear the bagpipes. Great that Irish music. And how wonderful they dance. Top Girl. You've got lots to be proud about.

Douglas Bruton said...

I have to say that the weather sounds very scottish too!!!

Lovely pics.