Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bring on the Color

I love this photograph. You can see the natural world through the outer ring of circles and again through the purple around the center. The colors are important, and take your eye around the circle and into the center.

Color describes something you see, but it can also describe feelings, and hopes and dreams.

We're looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer as they open their color wheel this week:).


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words left there. I'm amazed by yours. What a colorful picture. When I scrolled down I saw the wooden shoes (klompen, as we call them) and it made me giggle. How fun to see a Dutch item on your blog, guess we have a connection here.
Oh and your opening picture.....aaaarrrgghhhh I wanna be right there next to that camera. Talk soon. X

Sandy K. said...

Holland, Michigan, USA is a favorite destination spot, having a Tulip Festival every spring. It's fabulous. Though nothing compared to your spot of the world, I'm thinking:). Many of my tulip photos are from our outing.