Monday, April 6, 2009

Willing Subjects

Meet Dickens. Not normally a photographic subject, she occasionally comes through when I need something different. The Lensbaby class I took was just such a time. She's a very needy creature, desiring to be held all the time. A leach, really. This photo happens to capture one of her more appealing expressions, so she warranted a highlight here. A "muse" she is not, but a "creature of interest" she most certainly is.

We have another feline companion...not as needy, but just as peculiar. She is also elusive. We do not have a good photo of Meesha since she went from cute kitten to crazed cat. Her most engaging characteristic is a purr you can hear in the next room. Motor, is more like it. Her least engaging characteristic is her need to bite at the least opportune times. Like while working diligently on your writing and she happens to be curled behind the lap-top, ready to strike when your hand moves in her direction. Lovely.

Moving from felines, we find the preferred resident critter - Katy. A dog is a very different story. Loving and dedicated companion, this household member can definitely be a muse. Katy has possibilities in this catagory, yet 13 years after she moved in (following a harrowing and rather messy trip home) she is definitely the queen, but not quite the inspiration for my greatest work - written or visual. We'll keep trying, though.

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