Saturday, April 11, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

The day before Easter, and we are definitely on the right road to spring time. The semi-annual Easter Egg Hunt took place at our house, and the grandkids had a great time. As did their parents. It seems like not so very long ago when we were arranging egg hunts for our kids, not grandkids!

One of our daughter's favorite things is to arrange these activities, so she and her almost-9 year old came out early to plant the eggs for the littler ones. What a great time. In the process, our son noticed flowers - wild flowers - growing just where they should. Over the septic tank:).
It has been a lovely day, for snapshots and family time. Not all photos need to be ready for publication anywhere else than in family newsletters, photo albums, or on blogs.
Happy Easter!

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curious girl (lisa) said...

love the peeker! happy easter.