Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creative Gifts

There are so many ways to give creative gifts. I have a really clever book which shows different craft projects you can create using photographs - from lampshades to lap trays. There are also wonderful photo books you can make, telling a story about a specific time or event, or creating your own story with one of your family members as the main character. I gave a book to one our granddaughters for her birthday this year in which she starred as the "princess" of her kingdom, and the "king" and "queen" loved her very much. I used photos of times we had visited with her, and photos from the wedding her dad and step-mom. The "princess" was also going to get a new brother or sister, to share her kingdom. The book was a hit, and will be there for her as long as the new brother doesn't get his hands on it!:)

I also saw this year that you could create board books, for the younger set. So many choices. There are a number on online companies to check out. Snapfish and Shutterfly are popular, with online storage and sharing available. A company we use for our coffee table books is Mpix - it has an amazing turn-around policy, and the quality is very good. We also order prints and enlargements for our customers. I see they are now offering a framing service for certain types of orders.

Share your talents and create something special this holiday season, and any occasion throughout the year.

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