Monday, November 3, 2008

Gallery Show

It's always exciting to see our work hung on a wall, and in a place where a large number of people will see it. Such has been the case this last month at Gone Wired Cafe, in Lansing, MI. We attended the Opening Ceremony yesterday and once again looked at the variety of work hung by a number of mid-Michigan photographers. Most of the work is for sale, and a fundraiser is taking place to raise money for the Woldumar Nature Center - You can adopt a photo to help this cause.

All photographs will be on display through December 31 of this year, and our hope would be to attract attention to our work, as well as make a few sales. The deeper goal, of course, is to create an awareness of the need to protect our world, and garner interest in the greater good.

Take photographs, yes; but more importantly, enjoy the wonders and beauty of our world.

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