Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Photos

Cold winds blow, snow starts to spit, and we want to grab a book or magazine and huddle under a blanket by the fire. It's possible a camera could gather dust, unless we work to look for those photo ops. Sometimes it's a field trip with a youngster which gets the creative juices flowing again. One such opportunity arose just last week, when we gladly took on a baby sitting task - the 4-year old granddaughter.

What a blast it was taking her to a children's science museum. Impressions 5 Museum, in Lansing, is designed to allow youngsters to touch every display. There's a room specifically for infants to 4-year olds, with other displays throughout the museum to teach older children about a variety of science concepts, from electricity to stars to the digestive system.

We spent some time in the room for the littler visitors, but also enjoyed experimenting with all the other touchable displays, like the musical instruments, or the various mirror exhibits. Of course, it helps when your subject enjoys being photographed, and is also allowed to run a bit and touch and move almost everything she can get her hands on. Free reign...and youth and enthusiasm. What a great, if tiring, time.

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