Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seasonal Changes

It's that time of year. Though we love the freedom of movement wearing summer clothes offers, sweater-weather is our favorite time of year. The air is crisp and there seems to be more energy in the air. We tend to move more quickly and feel like "doing" things more than those lazy summer days.

We've been planning our annual trek to Michigan's upper peninsula to enjoy the first full flash of autumn color. Of course, predicting when the optimum time is for our excursion is not an exact science. And we do have work schedules to work around. The first weekend we thought would work is not going to we are already working on Plan B. Our 23rd wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks, which would seem like a great weekend to be away...but will the color cooperate and stay with us long enough?

I am currently working on an article about the experience of participating in a photo workshop - which actually forces you to get up early for fabulous sunrises and moody fog suspended over inland lakes. Reflections of autumn leaves are glorious under these conditions, but unless you are a die-hard morning person, or someone pushes you out of bed to hit the deck before first light, you miss so many photo opportunities. Taking a workshop is that push out of bed, as well as offering many helpful tips, and a network of ideas garnered through a small group setting.

Our recommendation - get outside this fall rain or shine. Sunny days aren't always perfect picture days. The wonderfully even lighting possible on an overcast day actually helps saturate your colors, making the red and oranges come alive in a different way. Try taking photos on both a sunny and overcast day and see what your preference is.
Take the kids out and show them the different kinds of leaves, and the acorns and walnuts and other fall gems. Make leaf piles and jump in them. Stuff huge pumpkin bags with leaves and use them to adorn your yards. Take photos and create scrapbooks, or perhaps a Christmas card photo of the family.

Most of all...enjoy the world around you in this fabulous transitional time of year. Take a deep breath and open your eyes wide. Autumn is a feast for all the senses - pumpkin pie time?

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