Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Power of Breathing Deeply

Autumn is such a delightful season, full of color and energy. The cool mornings are now coating our Michigan fields and yards with a blanket of frost, which sparkles as the sun comes up. The sky on these mornings is clear. If you get up really early you can watch stars disappear, the moon glow and the sun brighten the morning sky with color. It's magic.

Yes, it does mean winter is coming. We're working on keeping an upbeat attitude about the winter, knowing it means the earth and many living things are taking a break. The human population can either snuggle down under the fleece throw, put a log on the fire, and get caught up on reading and other indoor projects, or can enjoy the outdoor sports so popular in Michigan and other cold-weather locales. Skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow-shoeing, making snowmen....choose your winter activity.

As far as photography, it's still early morning and late afternoon shooting, for the most part, and remembering to pay attention to all the "rules" which govern photographing snow and sparkle and caring for cold equipment.

For now, we're enjoying our favorite season, watching the sun hit the oranges and yellows and reds, causing that gorgeous glow. We walk the woods, drive country roads, and take those vibrantly colored photographs. The dog is very happy with us this time of year, when we enjoy becoming energized by the cooler temperatures - sweater-weather. Open those eyes, and let the color and glow into your hearts.
Happy Fall!


Christine said...

I LOVE that first photo, especially. I miss fall!!!!

Sandy K. said...

Look for a gift...coming soon:).