Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd Annual National Nature Photography Day

A day set aside to give you a reason to get outdoors and share your love of photography with someone, and enjoy all that the natural world has to offer. Do we need a "reason?" Probably not. But some of us need a push now and then.
"The Curious One," we've named her. A few years ago we would sit outside near the back of our property, hidden in the trees, waiting. Waiting. And waiting! A hunter knows what this is like. You are waiting for the opportunity to bag your prey. We feel the same way, but we shoot with a camera.
The photo above is one I took just a couple of weeks ago, from our back window. There was something familiar about her so I sat and watched as she crept closer and closer to the house. Then suddenly...something startled her and she ran to the brush. Only to return not a minute later, curiously looking around, and heading back to our yard area. This is the exact same behavior we remember seeing in the doe we dubbed "The Curious One."

She was lovely. Quiet. Graceful. And curious. She would creep closer to where we sat in the trees, knowing we were there but not very worried about us. When Daryl was out on the tractor, The Curious One would follow him around the property. Not particulary close, but close enough to be identified. And now she was back.

Sitting at the back window, watching her as we used to, I was once again amazed at the beauty and grace in nature. The Curious One knew she was safe. And I wondered if there was a fawn tucked away somewhere in the brush. Time to get that camera out and start stalking. Wouldn't it be nice if that fawn was as curious as its mother, and would love to be photographed? One can hope!
What are you stalking? Dust off the camera and explore your own territory. You'll be amazed at what you find.

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