Saturday, January 12, 2008

Environmental Concerns

There are so many things to teach our children. The landfills we pass along the road and the trash we picked up as we explored various ecosystems on our trip have reminded us once again that our environment needs preservation. The cactus at a beautiful southern Arizona mission had plastic garbage bags stuck to the spines. One park area had paper cups and pop cans littering the parking lot, and they could be seen periodically along the road way as we drove one of the roads through the park. When park services include trash receptacles, and most people arrive by automobile and could at least take their trash with them, this unnecessary littering of the environment becomes even more appalling.

If we show our children the world they live with and teach them to look at it as a precious possession, one we need to care for and nurture, then our land and its resources will be preserved for future generations to love and appreciate and care for.

Walk softly; "Take only pictures, leave only footprints," environmentally speaking.

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