Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's The Point?

The title of this student project is "What's the Point?" Derived from our business name, as well as the project theme, we have found it to be a loaded question throughout our instruction. As some of the children struggled with the concept of finding a close-up photograph within a larger picture, we had to explain, re-explain and demonstrate with our own cameras what we were getting at. Other young people seemed to understand the basic concept, but would change their body position between shots, which changed the perspective of the close-up.
Teaching a concept is a wonderful way to fine-tune our communication skills as well as our ability to help young people see their world in a new way. If we are going to raise a generation who will help protect our environment, we need to make sure they actually notice that enviroment in a variety of ways.

Photography is a wonderful medium through which to do this. Take the time to teach a child to look carefully at the world around them, so they can take care of it for future generations.

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