Thursday, June 14, 2007

2nd Annual Nature Photography Day - June 15

This important day is upon us. Share your love of nature and your appreciation for the outdoors with someone else on this national awareness day. There are a number of ideas for how to spend June 15 on the North American Nature Photographer Association web site. Post a reply to this message to let everyone know what you did to spread the word. Who did you celebrate the day with? Where did you go? What type of pictures did you take? What are you going to do with the pictures? Check back over the weekend for the results. Enjoy!


Christine said...

We spent the afternoon at the zoo! While we planned to take pictures of the zoo animals, we ended up experiencing the buzz of cicadas all around us! It was so loud at times you couldn't hear the person next to you talking. My husband thought it was pretty cool. I wasn't so sure.

Sandy K. said...

Why don't you publish one of the photos you took that day, we'd love to see something of your nature experience.